September 11, 2009

Much to learn about Blogger

This blog has only been up a few days. Already I need to rethink the whole thing. It seems I have much to learn about Blogger. Over and over I read how great Blogger is. As it stands this is really just a conversation with myself. Why is that? Because the Meta Data that would help search engines find this blog is non-existent in Blogger/Blogspot blogs. Wish I new that before I got started. Oh well talking to myself is nothing new to me. smiley

To be honest I know just a little HTML and CSS. Still enough to create my Christian family website in a text editor. That's what I was expecting to be able to do here. Turns out we cant do that. Not the end of the world however. There is some coding that can be inserted in the Blogger template. It just isn't anything I'm used to. Time to crank up the learning mode a notch.

I have been studying this situation. There are some changes to be made once they are more understood. Hopefully within a few days. Then this blog, such as it is, can be shared with the world. As much as I enjoy talking to myself it can be done much easier in person than on the web. smiley

Have a safe weekend and May God bless you.


T-Shirt Guy said...

If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

tjustleft said...

Thank you T-Shirt Guy. I may have to take you up on that sometime.

I'm glad to say I found the solution to something that really had me stumped. How to insert meta keywords and content in the template. I almost want to keep it to myself :). After some searching this is what came up. Great to see people sharing like that.

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