March 29, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

If you are looking for Mother's Day Cards then you have come to the right place. I had a bit of fun with a particular design and did 10 versions. Mother or Mom in 3D script font along with White Lace on a Lavender background. The text has a raised appearance and so far comes in Red, White, Pale Blue, Dark Blue, Light Metallic Blue, and Pearly Metallic.

3D Text Lace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day card3D Text Lace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day card3D Text Lace Mother's Day card3D Text Lace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day card3D Text Lace Mother's Day card3D Text Lace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day cardLace Mother's Day card

Take a look for more great Mother's Day Cards.

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March 23, 2010

Typographic Greeting Cards

Blue Typographic Thank You card

I have just added a Greeting card section to my shop. For a start I created 10 variations of these Typographic Thank You Cards.

The words thank you! all capitalized and no spaces are repeated diagonally across the entire card. Colorizing parts of the letters spells out a larger thank you in the center also diagonally. You can customize the inside with what you are giving thanks for. Choose from a wide variety of fonts in several sizes and colors.

March 18, 2010

First Business card Sale!

Texas Flag-Map (Dark Blue) profilecard

I am happy to say I've made my first Business Card sale! Thank you Sylvia.

Now is a great time to purchase Business Cards. You can save 15% when using Use Promotional Code: BIZCARDSAVE1 at checkout. This sale ends April 1 2010 so don't delay. These cards are customizable. You can even add your own logo. Shop Now!

Matching Labels now available!

Texas Business Label label

March 14, 2010

Tux Smashes Clock-Anti Daylight Saving Time

Do you like Daylight Saving Time? This Chibi Tux Penguin smashes clock and says You can set it ahead now! Digital clock has smoke rising from it and displays HELP. I made this image last year after my Grandfather told me how much he hated Daylight Saving Time.

The penguin used here is a slightly modified version of this Tux Penguin by Jan Vansteenkiste who released it into the Public Domain.

Tux Smash clock mugTux-anti-daylight-saving-time mousepad Tux-smash-clock shirtAnti Daylight Saving Time-Penguin Smashes Clock shirt

March 10, 2010

50's Style Retro Business Card

When I was a little kid in the 70's design styles from the 50's were still being used in our area. Reruns from that decade were shown often. I remember looking through my Grandparent's small town phone book just to see the ad art. This 50's style Retro Business card contains a few of the motifs and colors used at that time. Black and Sky Blue Argyle pattern, pink boomerang, and earthy brown stars that look like jacks all on a cream background. Also used is a fifties style font.

Customize this Retro Business Card with your business name, and contact information. Contact info is added to the back of the card but can be moved to the front. You can also add a quote, trademark phrase, or anything else you want. There are many fonts to choose from and you are not constrained to those already in the design.

March 2, 2010

Resources For Zazzlers

Sometimes we may need help coming up with design ideas or even design elements. Here is a resource list or at least the beginning of one. I tend to be a little unorganized. Check back often.

Image Editing Software


The GNU Image Manipulation Program for raster/pixel based images. Free and Open Source :). My program of choice.

An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. I also use this one quite a bit.

Not Free

Adobe Photoshop
A pixel-based graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems.

Multiple Resource Sites

Media Militia
All kinds of cool stuff here. Freebies, Tutorials, and Inspirations. Also a trippy nav bar that makes you feel like you're playing Pong :).

Lots of cool Freebies. Also great tips and tutorials. For the tuts look for the tag cloud on the right side of the page about a third of the way down.

Naldz Graphics
Tutorials, Freebies, and awesome Inspirations.

Gimp and Photoshop Brushes

Obsidian Dawn


Stock Photos, Textures, and Public Domain Images

Not all images found on these sites are released for commercial use so check first.

Free photos and desktop wallpapers. Huge easy to search collection of High resolution photos and wallpapers, thousands of high quality pictures.

Karen's Whimsy
A large collection of pre 1923 images now in the Public Domain. Karen has spent considerable amounts of time searching for and buying the source material, scanning, fixing, and editing the images, and then putting them on the web. She has also prepared a huge artist resource list. Rather than hijack her work I share with you her link to artist resources. After browsing the list it looks like there's no point in me finishing mine smiley. Still I'll continue which means you may see duplicates.

Lost And Taken
Tons of Textures. Free and premium.

I mainly search Morguefile here using the advancedsearch. It seems faster to me than going directly to Morguefiles site.

CG Textures
This one requires an account to download textures. You can get a free account but it will only let you download up to 15mb each day. If you go for the large textures you can eat up that 15mb with just 3 or 4 textures :).

Texture King
Please don't let the fact that they sell a t-shirt on CP for support throw you off :).

The Vector Lab
Premium vector stock art.

Must get an Expanded License to use these vectors on products.