March 10, 2010

50's Style Retro Business Card

When I was a little kid in the 70's design styles from the 50's were still being used in our area. Reruns from that decade were shown often. I remember looking through my Grandparent's small town phone book just to see the ad art. This 50's style Retro Business card contains a few of the motifs and colors used at that time. Black and Sky Blue Argyle pattern, pink boomerang, and earthy brown stars that look like jacks all on a cream background. Also used is a fifties style font.

Customize this Retro Business Card with your business name, and contact information. Contact info is added to the back of the card but can be moved to the front. You can also add a quote, trademark phrase, or anything else you want. There are many fonts to choose from and you are not constrained to those already in the design.

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