June 28, 2010

New Thank you Cards

I had so much fun with the business cards I redid some of them as greeting cards. Here are few of the designs not shown in the last post. Please visit my shop to see all of my Thank You Cards.

Water Lily Floral Thank You card
Water Lily Floral Thank You by tjustleft
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Shooting Star Floral Thank You card
Shooting Star Floral Thank You by tjustleft
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June 25, 2010

Thank You Business Cards

Show customer appreciation and impress your customers with Thank You Business Cards. Customize with your contact information. Several font styles and colors to choose from. Printable on both sides. You can change the background color on the card back. Not just for businesses. Use any time you need to say thanks.

Sunset photo and Stylish Glass Text effect

Floral card with Peace Lily and Stylish Glass Text effect Thank You

Says Thank You Please Come Again in Silver/Chrome text style With Matching border.

Inset Text effect

Lake Scene and Glass Text effect

These are just a few examples. Please visit my shop for more Business Cards. Thank you.

June 22, 2010

Fireworks Photos and Art

Fireworks are beautiful and fun to watch. Whenever I see a display I hardly want it to end. My excitement and anticipation for a pyrotechnic event has not changed since I was a child. The colors, sparkles, even the loud booms, bangs, and pops; I like it all. Only one thing has changed. Once we had children of our own I worry about the danger of igniting fireworks. That isn't just from being overprotective but from witnessing accidents involving fireworks. That's what is great about the displays. Trained professionals do the work while we sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Funny how we always seem to forget to bring a camera. That's another thing for me to leave to the professionals smilie. Here are some Fireworks Photos and Art from some professionals at Zazzle.

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June 20, 2010

Louisiana Business Card

Louisiana Business Card has State flag and Map of Louisiana with State map overlay. Very Customizable Business Card. Blue background, Flag, and Map are separate images and can be moved or deleted. Printable on front and back. Choose from wide selection of font styles and colors. Show your pride for The Pelican State.

Louisiana Flag-Map profilecard

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June 14, 2010

4th of July Invitations

Are you having a barbecue or party to celebrate Independence Day? Announce your gathering in style with 4th of July Invitations from Zazzle. These Patriotic invitations are perfect for a backyard BBQ or formal event. There are many styles to choose from. Stars and Stripes, Red White and Blue, Bald Eagles, American Flags, Fireworks, and more. Here are just a few examples.

Bald Eagle 4th of July invitationFireworks 4th of July invitationUnited States Flag-Map and Fireworks invitation4th of July Party Invitations invitationPatriotic Picnic invitationVintage Patriotic Invitations invitation4th of July Flag Invitations invitationVintage Independence Day Invitations invitationFourth of July Party Invitation invitation4th of July Fireworks Party Invitations invitation

These Fourth of July Invitations are customizable. Cards are printable on front and back. Add your own message and details. There are many font styles and colors to choose from. You can even start from scratch and make your own. Visit Zazzle for all your Invitation and Announcements.

June 13, 2010

Military Father's Day Gifts

This Father's Day let's not forget those in the Military. Whether they are a Veteran or in Active Service show them your love. Many Zazzle shopkeepers create designs for all branches of service. Here are a few Military Father's Day gift ideas.

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My Thanks and prayers for all who have served.

June 10, 2010

Shop for Father's Day Gifts at Zazzle

Zazzle is a great place to shop for Father's Day Gifts. Besides excellent quality merchandise they offer great sales and deals on shipping so you save money. Be sure to look at the top of each page for these deals. Here are some examples of what Zazzle shopkeepers have to offer. I am sure you will be impressed with the design work.

Father's Day Cards

See more Father's Day Cards

Get Dad a cool BBQ Apron

BBQ Aprons for Dad

Father's Day T-shirts

Shop for Fathers Day T-shirts

That was just a small sample of what you can find for you Dad. There many more gifts to choose from. Yep Zazzle even has Father's Day Ties.