December 9, 2009

Tshirtspace is now Dofollow is now Dofollow. I meant to do this already but got sidetracked. This applies to comments and trackbacks but not on follower list, at least for now. Got to keep a little juice for myself :).

If you run a website or blog you need backlinks. Nofollow on those links render them pretty much useless. Maybe not completely but still lame. Like anyone else abuse will be watched for. Spam will be removed. I may decide to leave the spam but Nofollow it just to say ha! Does that sound vindictive?

Hopefully all goes well. Helping each other is a good thing. Is your blog or website Dofollow? If so let us know how it has worked out for you. Notice I said us as if anyone else is actually reading this :).

Edit: Thanks to Highton-Ridley for leaving a comment. It gave me a chance to test this. Test was a fail as far as I'm concerned. The links Highton left were still nofollowed. The url linked to his user name was followed nicely. Big deal. Those urls point to our blogger profiles. Yippee our profiles can get some link juice. This is going to take more research. Another yippee!

Out of curiosity i took a look at my profile page. No link juice for me there. The My Blogs list was nofollowed. The Blogs I Follow list is followed. What a bust! Last night when I search on how to do this I was so happy. Happy enough to leave a post at the Zazzle forum for everyone to list their dofollow blogs. Now I get to back there and say this isn't working at blogspot.

Well hopefully there's a fix for this. If not then later I'll be setting up another blog even if it's free hosted. Just as long as it lets me control the links.


Highton-Ridley said...

I never did "get" trackbacks. How would I trackback from my blog to yours?

Btw you might want to check out my Zazzlit gadget for your blog. Tutorial here.


tjustleft said...


Trackbacks work this way. Say you wrote about this post on your blog. If you include this post link in yours then this post will show you have linked to it.

I just figured it out recently myself. Here's the link to Googles explanation.

It just so happens I came across your Zazzlit post the other night on zazzle's forum. This is something I have been looking into. I am waiting on a couple of things. One is that Google is supposedly now using page load times in search ranking. I use Google gadgets on another site and load times are terrible. Another thing I'm waiting for is to find out how link following works with them. I'll ask you about that. Can the product links be followed or nofollowed? If so can they be on an item by item basis or just strait across for each zazzlit?

Highton-Ridley said...

Ah, link anywhere in my post... now I've got it :)

As for Zazzlit and the follow/nofollow - it's specified exactly as Zazzle provides in the feed results they return. Nofollow I'm afraid...

Actually, I may be able to do something about that. I'm working on the next version of zazzlit, so expect that to surface at some time, if I can get it working ;)

Did you experience any load time issues on my promo page? 6 zazzlits in use there.


tjustleft said...

Nofollow may be good in that case. Since it is locked in their feed. You don't want too many links on a page. Also you don't want too many of the ones you have being followed. Each followed link takes a little more juice from the page.

This could all be changing though. Search is becoming more organic and real time. Also Google' Caffeine is putting more weight on speed of page load. Still I don't believe all the other considerations for ranking sites will be thrown out.

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