December 17, 2009

Squidoo Lens The Date and the Drive thru - An 80's Romance

Do you use Squidoo? Did you love the 80's? For me it's a yes for both. Squidoo is still new to me. I add my 4th lens the other day. The first was a flop but it was mainly just to test it out. The next two showcases t-shirt designs. They are doing better but I still need to work on my networking just like with Zazzle and this blog. My newest lens is The Date and the Drive thru - An 80's Romance. It is about how I met my wife. She likes romance book so I did it somewhat in that style.

Most of what I've read says to use lots of images on your lenses. I did not do that this time. It wouldn't quite fit in with the style. If you do have fond memories of the 80's then you'll be able to relate to the story. The story is true and a bit humorous. It's funny how cool we may have felt when we were young but looking back think how silly we acted. In that light I am kinda putting myself on the line here. Oh well that's ok. I still came out good in the story.

By the way. I am thinking of adding a Zazzle or Cafepress module on the lens. If you have some great 80's designs leave a comment and I may use them. As always it has to be family friendly. Quit a bit of the ones I've seen on the web are just plain vulgar.

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