May 21, 2010

Patriotic Business Cards with Bald Eagles and State Flags

It's been a bit slow lately but I have added several Patriotic Business Cards to my Zazzle shop. They include Bald Eagles and States. The state designs have the State flags overlayed onto the state maps. Two of the Bald Eagles have the American Flag overlayed on them and appear to be the color of their feathers. Both are the same eagle but one with a blue sky and the other with black. God will I'll have more states added soon.

Each card is very customizable. Add your personality to create an entirely new card or leave as is and just add your business information. They can be printed on front and back as well.
Bald Eagle American Flag profilecardBald Eagle American Flag business cardBald Eagle American Flag profilecardNorth Carolina Flag Map profilecardAlabama Flag business cardSouth Carolina Flag Map profilecardNew York Flag Map profilecardCalifornia Flag businesscardMontana Flag-MapOklahoma Flag-Map Customizable profilecard

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