May 23, 2010

Funny BBQ Grill design for Father's Day and Summer Gifts

Father's day-Funny BBQ Grill- Cant help it The grill can't help it

We are often told to minimize distractions when we work or study. However when you are trying to be creative a little background noise can be helpful. One night while I was thinking of my next design my grandfather decided to watch television. He quickly tired of it and went to bed leaving the tv on. I was going to turn it off but couldn't pull myself away from my work. Good thing. The Black Eyed Peas started singing a song I later identified as Clumsy. After several choruses of "The girl can't help it" this BBQ Grill idea popped into my head.

The design was created in Gimp and it took me a while to decide how the BBQ grill should look. The porterhouse steak and flames are real images from photos. I used chrome for the grill, handles, and support ring. Above the grill is the text CAN'T HELP IT THE GRILL CAN'T HELP IT surrounded by music notes. Since I can't read or write music the notes are random smilie.

This design is available on Greeting Cards, Aprons, Invitations, and more.

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