February 17, 2010

What does a yellow light mean?

Here's an 80's retro design for fans of the sitcom Taxi which ran from 1978-1982. In a famous scene Christopher Lloyd's character Reverend Jim Ignatowski has to take a driving test to get his license. Jim, always confused, ask his friends "What does a yellow light mean?" Jeff Conaway as aspiring actor/cab driver Bobby Wheeler whispers "Slow down." Jim, still confused, complies. He repeats the question slowly. This goes on several times. Once would be funny and after that stupid in most cases. However, Christopher Lloyd pulls it off marvelously. Here is that scene for those who never saw it or just want to relive the hilarity.

When you wear this t-shirt people may point at you and laugh. Don't worry they aren't laughing at you. You just gave them a hilarious nostalgic moment smiley.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny! I remember that episode of Taxi :)

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