February 11, 2010

Texas Flag-State Map Business Card

Do you own a Texas Business? These Texas Business Cards feature The Texas Flag overlaying The State of Texas. The first is dark blue fading to black at the edges giving a beveled look. The on screen editor lets you add your business name and contact information. Customize the card with your choice of font style, size, and color. You can also add your own logo and move the text.

The second card shown is Completely customizable. Each image including the Sky Blue background is in a separate layer. This means each element of the design can be moved, resized, or deleted to suit your taste. Like the first business card the blue fades to black t the edge. The difference is the black was added with the on screen editor using the background selector. This can be changed to another color of your choice. Choose from 88lb card stock to synthetic recyclable material, this paper type is water-resistant and virtually tear-proof. Note: The indestuctable card stock may not be ideal if you plan to write on them.

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I need a great card like that for my Texas business.

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