November 5, 2009

Vintage Photo style Grunge T-shirt

Vintage Photograph Grunge T-shirt

Finally another Grunge T-shirt design. The last one had to be removed from sale. Who knew someone trademarked a Jesus quote? I had to fume for a while after that. Click the picture for a nice big view. Take a beautiful photo of a tree with a mountain background. Through in some scratched texture. Give it an old photo type border. Get a little grungy and you get a really cool design. That and an overheated processor :). My computer is old and slow. The original image is 2100px x 1800px at 200dpi. Gimp was definitely giving my machine a workout.

I wish the Zazzle shirt previews looked better when you put big images on them. So don't be alarmed. It will not be printed distorted. See tjustleft at Zazzle for even more cool designs.

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