November 12, 2009

My Voices - Funny T-shirt Design

3D Text Funny Mousepad mousepad

This funny t-shirt design started as a joke with my wife. She likes to joke about her voices telling her things. After a night of her messing with me I just had to kid back. It just popped into my head. I came back with "My voices say your voices have got to go." At first there was a stunned look on her face then she busted out laughing. My daughters actually thought it was hilarious as well. Hey it's not often dad gets to look cool :). After some gradient mapping over 3D text I ended up with this blue to violet color. It looked so cool I got carried away and created a few more color variations. Here is a t-shirt with the design.

My voices say your voices have got to go shirt

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Custom Design by Vickie said...

Dad's are always cool. Very nice blog. I'm following you now. I will be back to see the latest. Vickie

Bill said...

Vickis posted on my blog too! I find that it's hard to get the ball rolling in terms of getting people to post on blogs.. especially those which are sales oriented. Here's my contribution, I wish you luck with sales!

tjustleft said...

Thank you Vickie. I'm following you as well.

Yes Bill it does seem to take a while. Have you read many of the t-shirt forums and blogs? Some of the people do not hold print on demand artist in high regard. I think some are reluctant to let too many know that's what they do afterward. They have been given the idea that if it isn't screen printed then their art is not worthy. It's ridiculous. Either work starts out on paper, the computer, or the mind before it's put on a shirt. We don't even have a screen printer were I live :).

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