August 30, 2009

Family Friendly T-shirts

Out of necessity I have had to find a way to make a living from inside the home. I wanted something that would let me be creative. Being a parent I also want to see the world change for the better. We can create a wholesome home life for our children. Still there is the rest of the world for them to see. What they will see is not always pretty or good. The world bombards us with ungodly images and ideals. That prompted this decision. Help change the world and make a living at the same time.

Help change the world, be creative, and make a living from home. What could I do to reach those goals? After much searching t-shirt design looks like an answer. It can be done from home. I get to be creative. I can make it family friendly. There are already t-shirts promoting hate, foul language, and sexuality.

All designs found here are family friendly. They may not all say Joy, Peace, and Happiness. Still they will not be offensive, ungodly. Moms can be comfortable sending their children to school in these t-shirts or hoodies. Grandma won't be shocked to see them. Kids will find designs that look cool.

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