September 27, 2010

Custom Hoodies and Sweatshirts

There is a Fall chill in the air today just to remind us that Winter is on it's way. We are just about out of t-shirt weather for the year. Time to think about warmer apparel. You may know that Zazzle has great custom t-shirts but that's not all. The same design you love can be put on a hoodie or sweatshirt also. When you find a design you like click it to go to the product page. To the right of it's picture is a spot to Choose your style and color. Click on See All and see the wide selection. Take a look at these great examples.

VisiZazzle for more custom sweatshirts and hoodies.


dickies 874 said...

Very nice! All the designs are made artistically! Well done.

tjustleft said...

Thank you! 2 of them are by different artist. The eagles and Jesus heart designs are mine :)

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