July 25, 2010

Monogram Stamps and Monogram Invitations

Announce your Wedding or any special occasion in style with Monogram Stamps and Monogram Invitations. The stamps are a wonderful way to send a
Script Monogram-Initial L stampScript Monogram-Initial O stampScript Monogram-Initial V stampScript Monogram-Initial E stamp
letter to that special someone in your life.

Beautiful script initials in Silver text or Metallic Blue. Pale grunge-sponge paint background gives a softness that will blend with any decor. Completely customizable. Background can be replaced with color of your choice. Front and back printing. Many font styles and colors to choose from.
Elegant Monogram Wedding invitation
Elegant Monogram Invitation by tjustleft
See more invites on zazzle.com

If you would like 2 or 3 initials on the invitations contact me for free customizing. Let me know what letters, color (silver or blue), and in which order. With triple initials it is often preferred to have the center letter larger than the others. If you want yours this way add that to the information. Multiple initials are not a good idea for the stamp. Their size may make the letters very small and not look as good. Still you may choose to have them that way. Contact me at

Matching Monogram Address Labels are now available!

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