April 23, 2010

Granddad hates the hospital

In my last post I mentioned that I am the care provider for my granddad. Monday evening he was taken by ambulance to another city to the V.A. emergency room. He was hollering to go home that morning and said he hates the hospital. We just got him home yesterday, barely. My mother and I both had to sign papers of responsibility for him. It turns out that the stroke he wouldn't admit he had a while back was real. This happened twice but he refused to go to the hospital. The damage is done and there is no medical means of reversing it. He doesn't realize that he almost didn't come home. That is a good reminder not to ignore a medical condition. So many people ignore the signs of a heart attack, stroke, and other life threatening ailments. They also ignore the doctors advice on diet and lifestyle. Of course I just put out a cigarette before typing this line.

This return home is on a trial basis. The doctors first offer was to send my grandfather to the nursing home. He had already made it clear he would rather die than ever go into one. Papaw, as his grandchildren call him, has been hard to get along with for a long time now. Still he also risked his life serving during World War Two. At the time he was a civil servant and could have stayed where he was but did not feel it was right. At least one doctor had thought it was something during his time in service that made him hard to get along with later on. So as long as I am still able he will not be going to a home. Only if I can not give him the care he needs will we use that option.

Of course this means that my Zazzle endeavor is going to slow down even more. I will try to create more designs and post here as time allows. That is one good thing about the internet age. One can at least try to make a living from home and still care for a family member in need.

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