January 20, 2010

Funny Baby Faces - Cute Baby Shirt

Who doesn't laugh at the funny faces a baby makes when eating something new? It's cute and funny. What does the baby think about it though? Maybe You eat this stuff! and I'll laugh at the faces you make! Let your babies speak their mind with this funny and cute baby shirt. Who can blame them. Can you remember the taste of unsalted strained peas or spinach? Yuck!


Custom t-shirts said...

What an interesting quote is that, It always seems funny when some one is taking his/her meal.

tjustleft said...

Thanks. Glad you commented. I had forgotten to come back and write something on this post. My daughter was in town I had to take off. We tend to laugh at babies when they make faces over the food we give them. I pictured the baby wanting to turn the table :)

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